vehicle body building tender specification development

Vehicle bus and truck body building is very involving and comprises several variations in specifications with the biggest opportunity to economize on specifications not explicitly included in the vehicle tender specification.
At VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd., we are able to tie down the vehicle bus and truck body builder to meeting not only your desired specifications but also all other detail technical specifications critical to the efficient and functional operation of your vehicle.

Exceeding vehicle capacity when constructing a vehicle body is also common for customers who want that little extra payload out of their vehicle, however the resultant fuel consumption and maintenance costs as well as quickly deterioration resale value of the vehicle mitigates against such false economies.

VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. will determine for you the recommended maximum payload, within the guidelines of the chassis manufacturer and local regulations, that can be achieved by your vehicle and advise on construction methods and materials that will allow for an increase in payload without compromising on the strength or safety characteristics of the vehicle body along with a cost benefit analysis.