Standards & Legal Requirements Analysis

Regional vehicle regulations are varied and complex and have to be captured in every aspect when specifying or constructing a vehicle to avoid costly fines and rework or even outright rejection of the vehicle. This is especially critical for vehicles that operate in more than one country within the region.

At VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. we include in your tender specification document all aspects related to the relevant legal requirements as a contractual document for the vehicle supplier and vehicle bus or truck body builder to adhere to in every aspect. This protects the customer from the costly and embarrassing exercise of having new vehicles rejected by legal authorities.

Standards Bureaus within the region have only recently started introducing vehicle standards which complicates compliance issues further with the customers as many of the items required in the standards are not documented in the various legal acts.

VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. will ensure that you specified vehicle complies in all aspects with the vehicle standards implemented by the various regional Standards Bureaus.