OEM Component Suppliers & Vehicle Body Builders Review

There are several vehicle component manufacturers in the region who provide local content parts for both original equipment manufacture (OEM) and aftermarket replacements and upgrades. VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is able to provide consultancy services on the various local content products available and their respective manufacturers.
VBD Automotive technologies Ltd. also provides local content development engineering services for CKD vehicle assemblers who wish to develop a range of local content components to meet the East African Community (EAC) zero tariff requirements on minimum local content which will allow their vehicles to be sold more competitively within the region
There are also several bus and truck commercial vehicle body builders within the region manufacturing vehicle bodies to be mounted on both locally assembled and fully built-up vehicle bus chassis, chassis cab and pick-up vehicles.
VBD automotive Technologies Ltd. is able to give an in depth analysis on the vehicle body builders and the products they manufacture. This is in addition to providing development engineering consultancy services to the vehicle body builders.