management team

Two Directors of the consultancy firm “VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd.” Henry Kamau and Nyaga Kebuchi are Kenyan citizens and graduates from the UK’s leading engineering institutions. The company’s Associate Director, Dr. Bosco Fernandes, is a Portugese citizen based in the UK as a Research Associate with the University of Manchester. Bosco was schooled in Kenya where he lives and where his family resides. The Directors have vast specific experience in the research and development world of the automotive and mechanical engineering industry in Europe and South Africa and consultancy operations in Africa, coupled with experience working with the local industry.

The qualifications of the Directors in Vehicle Design / Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from the UK and Germany and Computer Integrated Engineering also from the UK and Institution Membership of Automotive Engineering institutions in the UK forms a sound basis for successful realization of the company’s vision.

The Directors have also been involved in Environmental related projects with one being a qualified ISO14001 Environmental Auditor and the other having traveled to Sweden for Industrial Environmental training as well as having automotive engine research, design and development experience in the UK.

VBD Automotive Technologies also associates with Environmental Management Specialist, Anjali Saini, who provides the organization with valued independent guidance on environmental issues and carbon trading opportunities.