environmental impact assessment

The automotive impact on the regional urban and global environment has yet to be analyzed in the eastern Africa region from the vehicle manufacturer’s perspective largely due to the small size of the regional market which has little influence on vehicle specifications of imported vehicles, while the automotive fuel and oils blended locally are a deviation of the source vehicle manufacturer’s ideal blend for minimized exhaust emissions mainly due to retailing cost considerations. VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is available to work with environmental institutions in identifying policy, sectoral, training or industrial solutions that would most effectively alleviate the effects of vehicle exhaust emissions in the region.

Effects of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions include health effects in people and to some extent animals and more seriously though rarely considered separately are the detrimental health effects of exhaust emissions on children which is more severe with long lasting life impeding implications on the lives of children as compared to adults. The drain on government and national resources on providing health care for the exhaust emissions related ailments cannot be gainsaid and could even fund measures to reduce harmful vehicle exhaust emissions in the region.