corporate profile

VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. Is a leading provider in the Eastern African region of technology, product innovation, engineering solutions and strategic consulting on the region’s automotive industries in particular and the transport sector in general.

Combining business, product and process strategy with fundamental technical research and the implementation of large-scale new product development programmes, VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is able to take on the greatest challenges in the industry including business strategy and restructuring, process re-engineering, vehicle body, engine, transmission and driveline design, engineering, testing and systems integration consultancy.

With access to a network of advanced and well-equipped technical centers, VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. Is able to serve a wide and balanced customer base represented by the regions vehicle body builders, leading global automakers, vehicle component and system manufacturers, and automotive regulatory agencies. We are also able to serve other sectors such as motorcycle, heavy duty truck, off-highway, military vehicle, marine and locomotive propulsion system manufacturers, as well as leading teams in all formulae of motor sport.

We are also committed to developing improved active and passive automotive safety systems and provide consultancy services on the same to both policy making institutions in the region and vehicle manufactures to help reduce the unacceptably high carnage levels on the regions roads.
The need to minimize the environmental impact of future vehicles is a major driver for our technology research programme, one of the principal means by which VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. intends to maintain its technological edge. Benefits of this approach are our intention to lead in the development and use of hybrid vehicle systems and renewable energy resources such as biofuel, fuel cell technologies and solar power for the sustainable reduction of CO2 gases to reduce global warming as well as other harmful emissions.

Having gained vast experience in the regional automotive sector, VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is well placed to research vehicle sales trends in the region and provide reliable predictions on the direction the industry will take in the near and distant future.
With our commitment to excellence, industry leadership in technology and knowledge, our greatest asset is our people, who are highly qualified multi-disciplined professional engineers, consultants and technicians. Together, our vision is to make VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. the natural partner of choice for all our customers in all sectors.