Accident Reconstruction and Analysis

A number of studies of road crashes worldwide (Jacobs et al, 2000) carried out by TRL in recent years have shown that the road safety situation throughout the African continent is one of the worst in the world. With approximately only 4 per cent of the world’s motor vehicles, its road fatality share is 2 ½ times greater (10%). In several African countries, a motor vehicle is over a hundred times more likely to be involved in a fatal road crash than in the UK or USA. Between 68 and 82 thousand lives are estimated to be lost in road crashes in Sub Saharan Africa annually.
In addition to working with regional policy institutions on road safety issues such as the need for road safety to be integrated into the road maintenance initiative with greater priority given to road safety engineering, especially the use of road safety audits, VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. also avails it’s services to vehicle and life insurance companies in the region to concisely reconstruct and analyse vehicle accident situations.
This information would be invaluable in determine disputed cases saving insurance companies additional costs in litigation.