About vbd automotive technologies ltd

VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is a new concept in the region's transport sector providing consultancy services on all aspects of the regional automotive industry backed by the management’s vast personal experience in the regional and international automotive arena.
Corporate organizations, government institutions, donor agencies, educational establishments, passenger transport companies and cargo hauler transporters in the region now have the opportunity to work with the experienced management team of VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. to professionally analyze their transport requirements and review an independent assessment of the range of vehicle types and vehicle body configurations that best suit their applications.

VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is able to help you build you corporate image into the design of your new transport fleet while ensuring your vehicle fleet provides ultimate operational commercial functionality and eliminate any redundant aspects of the vehicle that your fleet has been traditionally associated with. Due do our vast experience in the sector we will guide you on what is available and achievable within your budget and manage the design development and delivery of your new vehicle fleet.
The automotive impact on the regional urban and global environment has yet to be analyzed in the eastern Africa region from the vehicle manufacturer’s perspective largely due to the small size of the regional market which has little influence on vehicle specifications of imported vehicles, while the automotive fuel and oils blended locally are a deviation of the source vehicle manufacturer’s ideal blend for minimized exhaust emissions mainly due to retailing cost considerations. VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is available to work with environmental institutions in identifying policy, sectoral, training or industrial solutions that would most effectively alleviate the effects of vehicle exhaust emissions in the region.
VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. is actively pursuing participation in the growing biofuels industry with an emphasis towards in-edible crop generated biofuels which is important in maintaining the regions food security. In order to minimize carbon emissions, the establishment of automotive grade small modular biofuel refineries near sizeable clustered plantations is viewed as important so that only refined biofuel is transported for export rather than heavier unprocessed feedstock that would consume much more petrodiesel fuel and packaging space.
Our aspiration to become Africa’s premier resource for automotive consultancy is backed by our action on investing in internationally competitive technological innovation resulting in the filing of patent applications. We hope this will inspire customers to work with us in the knowledge that they are dealing with a company that has the capability to help them meet their innovative corporate objectives.
Safety developments in the regional transport sector is a key driver for our technological innovation which also places VBD Automotive Technologies Ltd. at a technological advantage when assessing the cause and factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of a traffic accident which includes vehicle defect examinations, performance and usage of restraint systems, vehicle standards and dynamics. This ability to specialize in traffic accident reconstruction and analysis would be of great service to the regional motor insurance industry in determining borderline cases.
VBD Automotive Technologies is keen to assist the regional motor industry actively participate in motor sport as a capacity building initiative on technology resource for better reliable component and vehicle manufacture. Having previously participated in motor sports events utilizing locally built vehicles we have the drive and experience to assist participants and motor sports organizations in the regional motor sport sector.